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"Price in Pakistan", first appeared on 14 August 2013, is a website powered by Pakistan price information network.

"Price in Pakistan" or "Price.Paktron.net" provides latest price updates in Pakistan. We cover all type of consumer items including general purpose consumer items, electronic products, gadgets and much more.

"Price in Pakistan" is managed by "Raja Asad Naz", He is a software engineer by profession. Click here to contact him.

This website updates its users on daily basis. We gather price information and other data from our retail outlets and retail partners from all over the Pakistan.

You can market / promote your products on this website absolutely free or you can contact us for general queries.

Pakistan Price Information Network

Harley Street
Rawalpindi Cantt.
46000 Pakistan

ali [at] paktron.net

(0092) o3o3-55663o3


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