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Rs. 62.77 per Liter
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Rs. 70.99 per Liter
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Rs. 75.48 per Kg
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Rs. 66.75 per Kg

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Rs. (105.6 / 105.85)

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Rs. (116.95 / 117.45)

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Rs. (149.46 / 150.16)
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Rs. 41,002 per 10 gram

Pakistan Price 

Rs. 75.48 per Kg

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Xtream V90 

Rs. 29,000

iPhone 5S 

Rs. 93,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Asha 202 

Rs. 10,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Asha 501 

Rs. 10,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Lumia 2520 

Rs. 15,876

Lumia 800 

Rs. 39,900
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CCTV Camera Price List | DVR | Pakistan CCTV Online Shop

CCTV Camera Price in Pakistan

Last Updated On: 22-July-2019

Paktron, the professional CCTV Supplier and Installer in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan, now introduces new range of CCTV products in Pakistan at affordable price.

New products include HD Cameras, IP Cameras and NVR.

CCTV Camera Price List:

Turbo HD CCTV Camera Price (Hikvision / Xden / Scout / Dahua / Uniview)

Turbo HD CCTV 1-Megapixel
Turbo HD Bullet Camera 1-MP 720p:
Price: 1,550 Rs
Turbo HD Dome Camera 1-MP 720p:
Price: 1,550 Rs
Turbo HD DVR 4-Channel 1-MP 720p:
Price: 4,600 Rs
Turbo HD DVR 8-Channel 1-MP 720p:
Price: 6,800 Rs
Turbo HDDVR 16-Channel 1-MP 720p:
Price: 9,800 Rs
Turbo HD CCTV 2-Megapixel
Turbo HD Bullet Camera 2-MP 1080p:
Price: 2,150 Rs
Turbo HD Dome Camera 2-MP 1080p:
Price: 2,150 Rs
TurboHD DVR 4-Channel 2-MP 1080p:
Price: 6,500 Rs
Turbo HD DVR 8-Channel 2-MP 1080p:
Price: 9,800 Rs
Turbo HD DVR 16-Channel 2-MP 1080p:
Price: 14,800 Rs

Analog CCTV Camera Price

Analog Bullet Camera:
Price: 1,500 Rs
Analog Doom Camera:
Price: 1,500 Rs
Analog DVR 4-Channel:
Price: 4,300 Rs
Analog DVR 8-Channel:
Price: 5,500 Rs
Analog DVR 16-Channel:
Price: 9,500 Rs
Analog DVR 24-Port:
Price: 17,000 Rs
Analog DVR 32-Port:
Price: 20,000 Rs

CP-Plus or AHD CCTV Camera Price

AHD Bullet Camera 1-MegaPixel, 720P, 3.6-mm:
Price: 1,350 Rs
AHD Camera 1.3-MegaPixel:
Price: 1,700 Rs
AHD Camera 2-MegaPixel:
Price: 2,250 Rs
AHD Camera 1-MegaPixel, Outdoor, 720P, 4-mm:
Price: 1,650 Rs
AHD Camera 2-MegaPixel, Outdoor, 1080P, 4-mm:
Price: 2,450 Rs
AHD DVR 4-Channel:
Price: 4,200 Rs
AHD DVR 8-Channel:
Price: 5,200 Rs
AHD DVR 16-Channel:
Price: 8,500 Rs
AHD DVR 8-CH 1080P / 2-MegaPixel:
Price: 6,700 Rs
AHD Hybrid DVR 8-CH (Work with any Camera):
Price: 7,000 Rs

HD Camera or IP Camera Price

1-Mega Pixel IP Camera:
1.3-Mega Pixel IP Camera:
2-Mega Pixel IP Camera:
NVR 4-Port 1.3-MP:
NVR 8-Port 1.3 MP:
NVR 16-Port 1.3 MP:

CCTV Installation Accessories

Video Balloon:
CCTV Cable (China Copper) 100-Yard Roll:
CCTV Cable RG-69 (Copper) 90-Yard Roll:
BNC Connector (pair):
Camera Stand:
Power Supply Branded (Dell) 12 Volt / 18-Amp:
Power Supply 12 Volt / 1-Amp:
Outdoor Power Supply (Water Proof):
500-GB Hard Disk (New):
Power Supply 12 Volt / 5-Amp:
1-TB Hard Disk (new with 1-Year Warranty):
2-TB Hard Disk (new with 1-year Warranty):

CCTV Camera Installation Charges are Rs. 1,000 per camera.

DVR Online configuration (view cameras on mobile phone) charges: Rs. 1,000/-

To buy camera online, Just order CCTV Camera. For CCTV Camera System DEMO. CCTV Camera Packages.

Wireless Security Camera, WiFi Camera and IP Camera Price in Pakistan, HD Camera.

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