UPS + Battery and Inverter Price in Pakistan [2014 Price List]

ups-inverter-battery-price-list in pakistan

A variety of UPS and inverters are available in Pakistani market. As summer 2014 is starting and unfortunately a season of electricity load-shedding is on its way to Pakistan.

Our viewers had requested several times to update the latest prices of UPS and Batteries in Pakistan. So we visited the nearby electronics market and we collected the following local market prices.

UPS and Inverter brands are Enviro, Homage, Delux, Cyber Power. These brands are widely available all over Pakistan.

NS Inverter
NS Inverter

Cyber Power Inverter
Cyber Power Inverter

Batteries brands are Volta and Exide. However these batteries are not designed for UPS these are traction batteries designed for vehicles but due to non-availability of deep cycle batteries we are using these batteries allover in Pakistan. These batteries work well if maintained well.

UPS which is written on these batteries stands for Ultimate Power Solution and originally UPS means Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Inverter Price in Pakistan: Summer 2014 Price List

Inverter ModelPrice in Rupees
Deluxe 1200 VA
Homage 1000 VA
Cyber Power 1200 VA
Enviro 800 VA

Batteries prices in Pakistan: Summer 2014 Price List

Battery ModelPrice in Rupees
Volta NS-175 (175-Amps)
Exide NS-165 (165-Amps)
Volta 240 Ampere
Exide 200 Ampere

On our Pakistani Technical Blog we have published UPS and Battery Maintenance related guides. Don't forget to check them. Click on the links.

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We have also published news about new models of Homage Inverters in Pakistan.

Homage introduces new range of Axiom Inverter & ATS Generators

These prices may slightly differ in your region. Consider theses prices as ideal prices of UPS and batteries in Pakistan.


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