How To Setup LG Smart TV WiFi Step By Step Configurations

smart TV wireless settings

LG introduced smart TV which gives you internet surfing options through Wireless network below you can see step by step guide of how to connect your LG smart TV through available WiFi Connections.

Steps which you follow for setting up Built-in WiFi Connections:

1.Press the home button which is present on the remote see in figure 1.

2.After pressing home button you can see home screen Now click on settings see figure 2 setting tab is present on the bottom.

3.After clicking on settings tabs Now use the down arrow on tabs and select Network tab see in figure 3.

4.Than select Network Connections see figure 3 and figure 4.

5.After clicking on Network Connections new windows will be open and asked for wired or wireless connections see figure 4, now click on start connections and TV will automatically starts searching for available wireless connections see figure 5.

6.Now click on your WiFi name and it will asked for security key if user sets it in wireless router otherwise it will connects without authentication see figure 6.

7.After entering security key or Password click okay and you will see new windows "connecting to the network" see figure 7.

8.Final step click on complete see figure 8.



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