Ramzan Gift:Download Free Quran-e-Pak

Download Free Quran-e-Pak TajCompany

(Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim) First of all Ramadan Mubarak to every Muslims as we all know that Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calender and Quran was reveled in this month.

So its our duty as a Muslims that we must recite Quran-e-Pak In this month (also recite in other months) because in Ramadan the gates of Heaven would be open all the month and the gates of Hell would be closed and reward(Sawab) of our every good action would be increasing in this month.

Quran-e-Pak is the Beautiful Gift For Everyone Muslims
  • Taj Company & Other Companies Quran-e-Pak

1.09 Lines Quran-e-Pak (41.13 MB Gaba)
2.13 Lines Quran-e-Pak (38.77 MB Taj)
3.14 Lines Quran-e-Pak (23.62 MB Pak)
4.15 Lines Quran-e-Pak (18.03 MB Taj)
5.16 Lines Quran-e-Pak (48.37 MB Taj)
6.17 Lines Quran-e-Pak (12.52 MB Taj)
7.18 Lines Quran-e-Pak (32.41 MB Taj)
8.21 Lines Quran-e-Pak (12.89 MB Gaba)

On one click you can download Quran-e-Pak Remember me In your Prayers.


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