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Fuel Price

Petrol / Super ?

Rs. 62.77 per Liter
    Fuel Price

Diesel ?

Rs. 70.99 per Liter
    CNG Price


Rs. 75.48 per Kg
    CNG Price


Rs. 66.75 per Kg

Dollar (Buy / Sell) ?  

Rs. (105.6 / 105.85)

Euro (Buy / Sell) ?  

Rs. (116.95 / 117.45)

UK Pound (Buy / Sell) ?  

Rs. (149.46 / 150.16)
    Gold Rate


Rs. 41,002 per 10 gram

Pakistan Price 

Rs. 75.48 per Kg

   Mobile Phone Price   Voice

Xtream V90 

Rs. 29,000

iPhone 5S 

Rs. 93,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Asha 202 

Rs. 10,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Asha 501 

Rs. 10,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Lumia 2520 

Rs. 15,876

Lumia 800 

Rs. 39,900
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Club Mobiles Prices In Pakistan

Club Mobiles Prices

Club mobiles is the project of Mobo International which is running by Mr. Faisal Mehmood "club mobile broke the barrier of expense with affordable prices, bringing down the domination of multinational brands" club mobile brings outstanding phones with affordable prices so every common man purchase the best phones.

Club Mobile Prices In Pakistan:

Model Specifications Prices(PKR)
Club Hello 105 Android 4.4 kitkat, 5-inches QHD IPS Display, 3G, 4 GB Built-in Memory with 1 GB RAM, 8 Mega-Pixel rear and 2 Mega-Pixel Front camera with Flash on rear side, Dual Speaker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Rs. 14,000/-
Club A-89 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Dual SIMs, FM Radio, Builtin TV, Bluetooth, Crystal Keypad,
Leather Look Back, Smart Camera with flash.
Club A7 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Dual Sims, Smart Camera with flash, Mp3 / Mp4 player, Torch Light, Bluetooth.
Club A80 2.8-inches QVGA LCD, 2.0 MP smart camera, black list calls Options,
JAVA suported bluetooth technology,
Mp3/Mp4 player and recorder.
Rs. 3,200/-
Club A52 2.8-inches QVGA LCD, Dual SIM, 1.3-Mega-pixel camera, Java supported, Opera Mini, Facebook. Rs. 2,900/-
Club M400 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Dual memory card slot, Dual SIM, smart camera,
big speakers, Bluetooth technology.
Club M5 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, FM radio with recording, Black list calls,
Bluetooth Technology, Internet Services,
Dual SIM, Smart Camera with Flash.
Rs. 2,700/-
Club A90 2.8-inches QVGA LCD, Mobile TV, smart camera, black list calls,
auto call recording, FM radio, Bluetooth,
MP3/MP4 player and recorder, Dual SIM.
Rs. 2,900/-
Club A72 2.8-inches QVGA LCD, auto Call Recording, White / Black list calls, Java, Tracker,
Facebook, Dual SIM, Smart Camera.
Rs. 3,000/-
Club 4SIM 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, smart camera, auto call recording, black list, 4 SIMS Active,
Smart Camera.
Club A95 2.8-inches QVGA LCD, Smart Camera, Java supported, tracker, White / Black list calls,
Auto call recording,
Movies, Opera Mini, Facebook.
Rs. 3,000/-
Club M9 2.8-inches QVGA LCD, 1.3 Mega-Pixel Camera, FM Radio, Mini Opera, Facebook,
Auto Call Recording,
Java Supported, Mobile Tracker.
Rs. 3,000/-
Club S2 2.6-inches QVGA LCD, 1.3 Mega-Pixel Camera, Dual SIM, FM Radio,Bluetooth,
Mp3 / Mp4 player & recorder,
Personal Data Lock.
Rs. 2,650/-
Club M4 2.2-inches QVGA LCD, Dual SIM, FM radio, Bluetooth, Java, Opera Mini, Facebook, Group Messaging. Rs. 2,000/-
Club M200 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Dual SIM, auto call recording, Mp3 / Mp4 Player, Games,
Bluetooth, Torch, Digital Camera With Flash, scratch-less body.
Rs. 2,250/-
Club M500 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Dual SIM, TV, FM Radio, Double Speaker, Auto call recording, Smart Camera. Rs. 2,600/-
Club A2 1.8-inches QVGA LCD, Smart Camera, Dual SIm, FM Radio, Games, Torch. Rs. 1,600/-
Club A3 1.8-inches QVGA LCD, Smart Camera, Dual SIM, Bluetooth, FM Radio, Torch, Games. Rs. 1,575/-
Club A6 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Mp4/Mp3 player and recorder, black list calls,
Bluetooth, 1.3 Mega-Pixel Camera.
Rs. 2,550/-
Club A4 1.8-inches QVGA LCD, Mobile TV, Smart Camera with Flash Light, Torch, FM Radio,
MP3/MP4 Player, Dual SIM.
Rs. 2,250/-
Club A1 1.8-inches QVGA Screen, Dual SIM, Dual Card Slot, Smart Digital Camera,
Torch, Internet, MP3/MP4 Player.
Rs. 1,800/-
Club M300 2.4-inches QVGA LCD, Dual SIM, Digital Camera, Internet, FM Radio.

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