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Fuel Price

Petrol / Super ?

Rs. 62.77 per Liter
    Fuel Price

Diesel ?

Rs. 70.99 per Liter
    CNG Price


Rs. 75.48 per Kg
    CNG Price


Rs. 66.75 per Kg

Dollar (Buy / Sell) ?  

Rs. (105.6 / 105.85)

Euro (Buy / Sell) ?  

Rs. (116.95 / 117.45)

UK Pound (Buy / Sell) ?  

Rs. (149.46 / 150.16)
    Gold Rate


Rs. 41,002 per 10 gram

Pakistan Price 

Rs. 75.48 per Kg

   Mobile Phone Price   Voice

Xtream V90 

Rs. 29,000

iPhone 5S 

Rs. 93,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Asha 202 

Rs. 10,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Asha 501 

Rs. 10,000

iphone 5 16GB 

Rs. 68,000

Lumia 2520 

Rs. 15,876

Lumia 800 

Rs. 39,900
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2016 Master MoltyFoam Latest Prices In Pakistan

Master MoltyFoam

Master MoltyFoam Asli Foam provides huge range of its Foam for the users, nowadays Foam is the requirement of every home.

Master had three types of MoltyFoam:

1. Innovation Series which includes Molty Memory, Molty Cool Gel and Molty Therapy.

2. Performance Series includes Simple MoltyFoam.

3. Ortho Series Includes Molty Memeory Ortho and Molty Ortho.

Therapy Foam

Master MoltyFoam Prices (PKR)
Molty Memory
Heat-sensitive latex polymer
Shapes up to the contours of your body
Pressure relief quality
Rs. 43,000/-(Queen 7'')
Rs. 43,500/-(King 7'')
Molty Cool Gel
Cool gel beads
Air flow technology
Zoning grooves
Rs. 12,500/-(Single 6'')
Rs. 19,600/-(Queen 6'')
Rs. 21,400/-(King 6'')
Rs. 15,800/-(Single 8'')
Rs. 24,700/-(Queen 8'')
Rs. 27,000/-(King 8'')
Molty Therapy
Seven Zone Technology
Rejuvenation by improved intra-body 
communication during sleep
Reduces the level of stress felt during sleep
Rs. 23,000/-(Queen 6'')
Rs. 25,000/-(King 6'')
Rs. 31,400/-(Queen 8'')
Rs. 34,200/-(King 8'')
High pressure technology

Rs. 5,700/-(Single 4'')
Rs. 8,800/-(Queen 4'')
Rs. 9,700/-(King 4'')
Rs. 7,100/-(Single 5'')
Rs. 11,00/-(Queen 5'')
Rs. 12,100/-(King 5'')
Rs. 8,500/-(Single 6'')
Rs. 13,200/-(Queen 6'')
Rs. 14,500/-(King 6'')
Rs. 11,600/-(Single 8'')
Rs. 18,100/-(Queen 8'')
Rs. 19,800/-(King 8'')
Molty Memeory Ortho
Heat-sensitive latex polymer
Knitted fabric
Shapes up to the contours of your body
Rs. 18,900/-(Single 6'')
Rs. 29,300/-(Queen 6'')
Rs. 32,000/-(King 6'')
Rs. 23,500/-(Single 8'')
Rs. 36,600/-(Queen 8'')
Rs. 40,000/-(King 8'')
Molty Memeory Ortho
Peaks distribute body weight evenly
Lifts pressure off the bones muscles and joints
Provides peaceful sleep all night
Rs. 15,000/-(Single 6'')
Rs. 23,500/-(Queen 6'')
Rs. 29,500/-(King 6'')
Rs. 23,000/-(Single 8'')
Rs. 35,400/-(Queen 8'')
Rs. 38,720/-(King 8'')

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